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Yours Always by Rhonda Dennis-Blog Tour & Review

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Author Rhonda Dennis
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*****Review by Tina*****
5 Emotional Stars
How do you begin to write a review about a story that has had you so emotional the last three days that even thinking about the characters makes you tear up. Well that’s what Yours Always has done to me. As I sit here & think about Fletcher & Savannah's story I fall in love with them over again. I love them both equally and as I read about them there were times I wanted to be a part of their journey. Their story is one I will soon not forget.

Savannah lives a simple life & that's the way she likes it. She has had her heart broken more times than she wants to remember and if she's alone the rest of her life then that’s what she deserves in her mind. She goes to work and answers phones all day & comes home. She has few friends well really just one Lizzy. They became friends because of Lizzy's persistence. Then the day comes when Fletcher calls and it's the beginning of a beautiful love story. But will Savannah let him in to help her begin to heal

Fletcher what more can be said about a war veteran besides the fact that he's handsome & the sweetest man you will ever meet. But Fletcher also has a past he's trying to keep at bay. He suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. On a day that he is ready to give up he makes a simple phone call. That call starts a change when he hears her voice.

As Fletcher & Savannah's story continues they begin to let the walls down to help each other heal. But the more Fletcher helps Savannah realize that she needs to live life to the fullest. His demons begin to surface and he's having a hard time keeping them at bay. Will their love for each other be able to conquer the demons that are hell bent on destroying them?

Like I said in the beginning this Story has been an emotional roller coaster for me. I've laughed, had my aww sha moments and I've most definitely cried, cried & cried. There is so much more I could say about this book but I would give the whole thing away. Fletcher & Savannah will be two characters that I will love forever. Rhonda Dennis your books have always caught my attention from the beginning and even though this Story is still breaking my heart I loved it. You never disappoint & as always I look forward to reading more from you!

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After surviving multiple tragedies, Savannah Mason is alive, yet she refuses to live. Her distorted reality makes her believe that anything other than working hard will tempt fate, thereby inciting further misfortune upon her. In her eyes, a very simple life is the only way to guarantee freedom from further pain. As a veteran suffering the horrid effects of post traumatic stress disorder, Fletcher Reilly is also a survivor, and after a chance meeting with Savannah, he makes it his mission to free her from the torment of her past. He wins her over, and they start a beautiful life. However, the more Fletcher helps Savannah, the more he falters with his own healing. Demons from his past launch a terrible assault upon him just as Savannah finally discovers how wonderful life can be. Fletcher tries to hide his struggles from her, but the day comes when he must reveal his secret. Savannah is forced to choose between sparing her fragile heart by leaving, or totally committing to the only man she’s ever truly loved. The road promises to be arduous and trying, but she decides to give it her all. Will Savannah’s love be enough to see him through the hardest battle he’s ever had to fight or will their relationship buckle under the pressure of an unseen enemy?

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Works by Rhonda Dennis

The Green Bayou Novels (Romantic Suspense)
Going Home, Green Bayou One
Awakenings, Green Bayou Two
Déjà Vu, Green Bayou Three
Unforeseen, Green Bayou Four
Between Four and Five: A Green Bayou Extra (Novella)
Deceived, Green Bayou Five
Green Bayou After Five: Connie’s Wild Night (Novella)
Between Five and Six: A Green Bayou Extra (Novella)
Vengeance, Green Bayou Six

Magnolia Blossoms (Romantic Comedy)

About the Author
Rhonda Dennis' first career was in EMS, but later in life, she attended college as a non-traditional student. After graduating, she felt compelled to write a short story. The words flowed, and the manuscript for "Going Home: A Green Bayou Novel Book One" was drafted. Rhonda has since published six novels and three short stories in The Green Bayou series, and has released a romantic comedy called "Magnolia Blossoms" and a contemporary romance called "Yours Always." Rhonda, who resides in South Louisiana, was a nominee in multiple categories for the 2013 Indie Romance Convention Reader’s Choice Awards, and is also a Nook and Amazon Best Selling Author. Her book, Magnolia Blossoms, was ranked as one of the Top 50 Indie Books of 2014 by Read Free.ly.

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