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Love's Trusting (The Love Series) by Maryann Jordan-Blog Tour & Review


Love Trusting

When trust is broken by loss and grief, can it ever be repaired? High school sweethearts and young lovers, Brad and Suzy had vowed to stay together forever. “I’ll always be here for you. Trust me,” Brad promised but loss separated the young lovers. Moving on with their lives, neither could fill the empty void nor forget their first love. Suzanne McDonald had closed herself off to dating in spite of the best efforts of her friends to play matchmaker and threw herself into her job as a veterinarian technician. Brad, now known as BJ to his friends, had focused on his career as a computer programmer for Alverez Security Agency. When a mutual friend played matchmaker between BJ and Suzanne, the two were stunned to be reunited. Her grief, still raw after all these years, had her running away once again. Brad knew he had let her leave years ago when he was a young man but now vowed to show her that they were still meant for each other. In spite of the walls she had built around her heart, Brad was determined to break them down and earn her love and trust once again. When Suzanne stumbles across evidence of organized crime taking place in her neighborhood, she puts herself at risk trying to save others. Can Brad rescue Suzy before she is silenced permanently? Can she trust in Brad’s love to save her?

Review by Jenny
5 Suspenseful Stars 
I really enjoyed this book! It kept me on the edge of my seat while still making me feel all warm & fuzzy inside with BJ & Suzy's story. This is the 1st book of Maryann Jordan's I read and it won't be the last. She has the childhood friends that get a second chance at love when life wasn't so kind to either one when they were split apart. She also has the story of an illegal dog fighting ring going on in the town they live in. It got really intense at times! I literally bit off all of my nails with this one! 

BJ & Suzy reunite after they were split up years ago. Suzy has all kinds of walls up because she's tired of getting hurt. BJ knows her has always loved Suzy and spends most of the book proving that love & trying to show her that she can trust him. I loved watching their love grow! I was swooning pretty bad for BJ! 
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The secondary character were strong also! I know there's a story building from one of those characters; we just have to wait & see! LOL The dog fighting was crazy! It's real! It's relevant! It's heartbreaking! There were times that I wanted to just hug the poor kids that had to bury their pets & throat punch the bastards that put them through that! The suspense & drama was at an all-time high with this book! I loved it! 

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The best part...NO cliffy & a great HEA!!! I can't wait to read more from Maryann Jordan!

Early Reviews:
 *****The magic and talent this author has to combine a riveting story of intrigue,that kind that at times has you on the edge of your seat filled with characters that breathe the life into it leaves you feeling like you are walking in their world. You experience the kind of love that is raw and passionate that happens between two people and in this case will only get stronger than ever before that will enable them to once again trust each other that will help them overcome and endure whatever comes their way this time. The intrigue part of this novel is also quite fitting, perfect with these characters and matches right in with the caliber of many of the other authors out there who write thrillers with romance. Once you begin this you will not stop until the final page.

*****Maryann Jordan's sixth book and third in the Love series. She has taken two of my favorite things hot alpha males and second chance romances and rolled them into one awesome book.

***** I would give this more than 5 stars if possible. This is a stand alone but these characters were first introduced in the Fairfield Series as teenagers. Besides a love story, this book is filled with suspense, action and mystery. In true MaryAnn Jordan style, she brings in characters from past books we love and has us falling for the new ones that we can't wait to find out more about their story.


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