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Blinded By Love by Shawna McCallister-Blog Tour & Review

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Blinded by Love: Romantic Poems and Short Stories Full of Love, Passion, and Sensual Seduction by Shawna McCallister
Feb. 2nd-5th

“Blinded by Love”

“Romantic Poems and Short Stories Full of Love, Passion, and Sensual

“Blinded by Love” is a collection of romantic poems and short stories full of love, passion, and sensual seduction to ignite your deepest desires for pleasure and bring passion back into your relationship and bedroom! “Blinded by Love” is full of sexy adult content meant to arouse the desire for passion and sexual intimacy in your relationship. While written with intense passion, it is respectful, romantic, and playful. When we are young, oftentimes we do not take the time to understand our desires or the emotions they evoke, we merely act on them, taking no thought about tomorrow. These poems are thoughts from yesterday’s, today’s, and tomorrow’s desires for many of us. We all want to be wanted, needed, desired, loved, and these poems express this longing! Read for yourselves, and make sure you are with your lover, because this book is bound to ignite your fire for love, passion, and pleasure! Come into the fantasies of love, passion, and sensual seduction, and be “blinded by love.”

Passionately yours, Shawna Mccallister


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***Review by Jenny***
I was given this book of poems and short stories for an honest review! 

This was the 1st book of love poems & short stories I've read. I wasn't sure how I would like it but it was absolutely beautiful! The way Shawna McCallister uses sensual & seductive words is really breath taking! I can't even express how engaging & captivating every poem & story is! I was read it from start to finish in one sitting! 

These words will have you thinking about past, present & future loves. It'll have you yearning for more and feel every single word on the page. 

Great job author Shawna McCallister! You had me from page 1!



Once More
Kiss my lips with your mouth,
Kiss my face with yours.
You move to my neck,
My breathing is rapid.
I pant as you kiss my neck, longing for your touch.
My body yearns and yells deep within me for more of you.
My breasts throb as they wait for your hand to move to them.
I become wet with love for you alone.
Your hand moves to my breasts,
I am weakened.
I moan in pleasure for my desired one.
Your tongue is soft, moving gently down to my belly.
You reach my inner thigh,
I scream with pleasure.
The taste of me pleases you, and you take your fill,
Pleasuring my treasure,
Tasting my love for you,
You consume every drop of me.
My back arches as you require more of me, my love.
I scream your name as you enter me.
Once more, my love, I melt into you.
Once more, my love, I become you.
Your sweat has become mine,
Your taste is as mine.
You melt into me;
I feel warm inside,
My love, my life, my soul.
Copyright © 2014 by Shawna Mccallister, All rights reserved solely by the author.

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Author Bio:
Shawna Mccallister is the anointed author of “Does Anyone Really Know Me?” which is the first in a series of books with insight on overcoming life’s trials, tragedies, sadness, depression, and bringing inspiration to hurting individuals.
Shawna Mccallister was born in Los Angeles,California, and has a BS in Psychology. In “Does Anyone Really Know Me?” Mccallister hopes to turn the tide by providing readers with the tools necessary to triumph over overwhelming trials. Through her own story, biblical inspiration and a step-by-step guide to daily lifestyle practices designed to help troubled readers cope, Mccallister shows there’s light at the end of the tunnel no matter how deep and dark it might seem. The book is also ideal for anyone looking to understand more fully the experiences and psychology of those suffering from life-threatening depression. Shawna Mccallister enjoys writing self-help books, and also has interests in writing novels, fantasy, poem books, and children’s books.
Copyright © 2014 by Shawna Mccallister, All rights reserved solely by the author.
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