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Under The Influence by L.B. Simmons-Blog Tour & Review



I loved you once. A love I thought irrevocable. A love I mistakenly believed could transcend both time and circumstance. Under the influence of my dimwitted, na├»ve, traitorous heart, I became intoxicated with what I now know was simply a figment of my self-indulgent imagination. So drunk on the feeling, I couldn’t see what was right in front of my face. So foolishly enamored, I blindly followed my heart into the depths of an emotion that would ravage me. 
Years later, I know now what I wish I knew then. I am stronger. Smarter. Tougher. I will not allow myself to be broken again. 
I loved you.
I raged for you.
I wept for you.
And now, I’m letting you go.

Author’s Note:  Under the Influence is the journey of two childhood friends that spans the course of five pivotal years in their lives. It is a story about their discovery of true friendship as it blossoms into first love, their experience of crucial sacrifice and ultimate betrayal, and their endurance of agonizing heartbreak on the way to finding lasting redemption.


Dalton POV:
And thats when I see it. The faded bruising high on the little girls cheek and the red welts that line it. A slap mark.
I force a deep breath through my nose and crack my neck, my natural response when stricken with memories from my own past. The rage I feed upon, the anger that fuels me to perform on a regular basis, skims dangerously close to the surface as my fingers tighten around the crayon in my hand.
Her blue eyes remain locked with mine. She watches closely for a moment, studying me intently, then rises and leans her tiny body across the table to place her palm on my cheek.
Normally I would strongly object to anyone I dont know putting their hands on me, but I remain frozen as the warmth from her hand seeps into my skin. Huge tears sprout, coating her eyes before she finally speaks.
Youre one of us. I can tell.
She removes her hand and places it on my chest, the burning beneath my ribcage strangely anesthetized by the contact.  I know.  She nods as she focuses on her touch. It hurts here. Where they break your heart.
When Im barely able to nod my response, she offers me a defeated smile. My throat clogs with emotion I havent felt in years, and Im forced to swallow it deeply. Her eyes fall to my throat and then rise once again to meet mine.

Yeah, I feel it too.

 Review by Jenny
5 Amazing Stars
Oh gosh, I don't know where to start! This book was amazing! I was purposely reading really slow just so that it didn't end! I was on edge from beginning to end! I really don't think I have any nails left!! 

The unconditional love of Dalton & Spencer is something so special that it's hard to even imagine! Dalton is stuck in a life that he was thrown into. A life that feed him for years & because of this there's only one way out. Dalton & Spencer's love is electric! Until her birthday, when he did what he had to do to protect her! MY. Heart. Shattered. 

This book is so freaken intense! Dalton makes the ultimate sacrifice for someone you love but is it enough? Can he protect Spencer from the devil? Words can not describe how raw & intense this unconventional love story is! It's a true testament of how we should love someone even though most of the book was NOT pretty or easy to watch unfold! It did leave me with hope that love will prevail & that the devil will not win! How much would YOU sacrifice for the one You love?

Author Bio:
L.B. Simmons is a graduate of Texas A&M University and holds a degree in Biomedical Science.  She has been a practicing Chemist for the last 11 years.  She lives with her husband and three daughters in Texas and writes every chance she gets.


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