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The Living Again Series by LL Collins-Review Tour, Reviews & Giveaway



Living Again:
 **DUE TO ADULT CONTENT AND LANGUAGE, 18+ only, please. 

Kayley Carson thought she had it all...married to the love of her life, a great job, and a baby on the way. Then one day, her life changes forever when she loses her husband in a tragic accident. No longer sure how to navigate life after her enormous loss, Kayley clings to her newborn baby, her family, and her friends to keep herself living.

When she meets someone that challenges her belief that she's better off alone, she has to decide if she is capable of letting him in after swearing she was never going to love anyone the same way again.

She's not the only one with a painful past. He is struggling with trust issues after a previous relationship went horribly wrong. After a terrible misunderstanding brings out both of their insecurities, will the painful memories of the past keep them both from living again?

Review by Jenny
5 amazing stars
Amazing book! You would never know that this is LL Collins debut novel!
 I've never had a book that had me ugly crying from the 1st chapter until the end of the book! I loved it!
The characters were strong! Kayley is one of the strongest woman I've ever read! She had to endure the unthinkable & raise her child alone! My heart went out to her! I really can't imagine going through so much!  Until tragedy struck again & fate brought her to Ben!
Ben Ben Ben! He's the dreamy hot DR that every woman would love to be with!
Kayley fought the attraction at first with fears of falling in love & losing again!
With both having walls up, will they give in & trust their connection! The ending was perfect! I can't wait to read the rest of the series!!


Reaching Rachel:
This book contains difficult topics that may be hard for some readers and is suggested for a mature audience only. It contains strong language, sexual situations, abuse, and other content that may be problematic for some to read. Please keep this in mind when choosing to read this book.

Rachel has always been seen as a wild child, never committing or settling down. She wants it that way, so that no one ever finds out the truth. Deep down, she is crushed over something that happened years ago that resulted in losing the only man she ever loved. Then she meets someone who tries to convince her that she’s ready to commit again. But some things are not what they seem. Realizing too late that she’s in over her head, and with her life on the line, she comes face to face with her past in a way she never thought possible.

Devin was in love once, and it destroyed him, making him swear off love forever. After a promotion and subsequent move unexpectedly brings him into the middle of her dangerous situation, he must come face to face with his past and to the woman who broke him into pieces. But she needs help. Desperately. And maybe, just maybe, he didn't know the real truth of their past. Can he help her survive the terrible ordeal she's been through, and during it all, can he safeguard his heart from her? Or will the truth of the pain that has kept them apart show him that he can't live without her after all?

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Review by Jenny
5 amazing stars

Another amazing book by LL Collins! I loved this book from beginning to end! Awesome job in expressing the emotions and personalities of the characters!

I love Rachel! She just has a great personality! I felt so bad for her with everything she had to endure! She's a funny strong woman! I could relate to her on many levels!

 I seriously wanted to throat punch Zack and Justin!! I can't even begin to express the hate I have for those two!

Then there is Devin! Omg he's a dream come true! Really a great guy that will do anything to protect the people he loves! It's the perfect mixture of every emotion possible: love, hate, passion, fear, sadness, heartache, friendship, suspense & determination! The perfect novel!! I can't wait for more!

Guarding Hearts
Ellis Warner is a police officer, everyone’s friend and every girl’s fantasy- funny, dedicated, and too good looking for his own good. Thanks to a childhood he would rather forget and a young adulthood riddled with mistakes, he knows that no one can ever find out who he really is. He lives his life pretending to be the guy everyone sees on the outside. The one thing he knows for sure is that he can’t be serious with anyone. When he takes a second job as security for a new country star coming into town, he has no idea how that one decision will change his entire life and expose everything he has worked so hard to bury. 

Samantha Kerrigan won a nationwide contest that immediately forces her into the spotlight. Her dreams of being a successful country singer have come true, but dreams always come with a price. While going out on her first tour, a stalker’s advances threaten her safety, forcing her team to hire more protection.

The second she meets Ellis, she knows there’s something about him and immediately makes him her private bodyguard. But he’s determined just to do his job, and she’s determined to make him open up. When her life is threatened and his secrets are exposed, will Ellis be able to guard Sam from danger, and his heart from her?

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Review by Jenny
5 amazing stars
Another amazing book by LL Collins! I was totally captivated throughout the whole book! It never fails to amaze me how incredibly emotional I get with this series! Perfect from beginning to end!

Sam & Ellis are two of my favorite characters ever! The love that the two of them have for not only each other but for life itself is breathtaking! Sam is this mega country music star. She's beautiful, popular, sweet & strong! Strong except when it comes to her parents that try to run her life since they are her managers. Ellis is a hard ass but sweet guy that had a very rough upbringing & past! It was evident from the start that there was an immediate connection & spark! Part of the book was them denying it & convincing the other that they we meant to be! We all knew it! I'm so glad that didn't last long!

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This book was so much more than just a love story! It was intense at times when tragedy struck! I was shocked with the turn of events! It was awesome watching as the events unfolded, they 2 of them growing into these amazingly strong characters & couple! BUT when things don't go as planned & tragedy strikes once again, can they survive? Will Sam stick by Ellis's side during the most important time of his life? Can Ellis deal with being in the spotlight 24/7?

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The anticipation of wondering what the end would bring was astonishing! I can't wait for more for Mrs Collins!

Finding Forever:
Due to adult content and subject matter, 18+, please. This is the fourth book in the Living Again series, but can be read as a standalone. However, there are spoilers in the epilogues of this book for the previous three books. This book is based on a true story. 

Lacey Russell has had enough heartbreak and loss for one lifetime. Turning tragedy into motivation, she becomes a veterinarian to honor her mother’s memory. She knows the path her life is on and she decided long ago that falling in love is not part of that plan. She’s seen firsthand that all it does is cause sorrow and pain.
Brantley Tucker is the heir to Tucker Ranch, the most well-known ranch in all of Nashville. Much to the dismay of his parents, he doesn’t want it. It’s always been his dream to model, and he’s worked hard to achieve success. All he wants is to be supported and loved, but he wonders if that will ever happen for him.
After many chance encounters throw Lacey and Brant together, it feels like something bigger than them is at work. When Lacey gets news that shatters her entire world, can she accept the support and love that Brant offers, or will the fear of the unknown make her turn down the chance at finding her forever?

Review by Jenny
5 amazing stars
Amazingly beautiful story! It touched me so much! I don't think I've ever cried so much! Awesome job by LL Collins! Her writing is superb & flawless!

This is a story of tragedy, perseverance & love! Not your typical love story but one of second chances & determination!
We have Lacey who has been through a lot losing her mom to the dreaded "C" word...cancer! When she lost her mom, she lost her dad that day also! No one was the same! Lacey lived her life with walls & scared that her fate will be of her moms! Love was not in her plan! Until Brantley! Oh he's so great! He taught Lacey to fight & it's ok to love! When Lacey's world comes crashing down, Brant is there to help her get through it! But can she? Can they? My heart broke a little with every treatment & dr visit!

Amazing book! 10 emotional Stars!!

Breaking Free:
Alexis Carson-Nichols has had what anyone would describe as an idyllic childhood. She has great parents, little brothers and sister that mean the world to her, and friends that are always there for her. As she graduates from high school and gets ready to go to college, she feels like she has the world at her fingertips. She can’t wait to experience life as a young adult. Maybe even get a boyfriend…as long as her school comes first. 
What she doesn’t expect is to meet Greer Henderson. Greer hasn’t had a life anything like Alexis’. Sure, he’s had the parents that loved him, but that was about it. He’s never been understood or even tolerated. He’s spent his life in a constant state of inner chaos and outer turmoil. See, Greer has Aspergers. When he finally gets up enough courage to take a few classes at his local college, he becomes lab partners with Alexis. He thinks she’s the most beautiful person he’s ever laid eyes on, but he knows she won’t want anything to do with him. None of the kids ever do. But if there’s one thing he’s good at, it’s science. 
As Alexis tries to break through Greer’s tough exterior and understand his idiosyncrasies, she realizes that Greer may just be teaching her more than she could ever imagine, and changing her life in insurmountable ways. Can Alexis teach others how to love and accept Greer, even if he’s different? And can Greer, through Alexis, realize that all of his dreams are within his reach and that he’s worthy of love after all

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Review by Jenny
5 amazing stars

I can't even begin to say how much I love this series!
This book was the perfect end to the Living Again crew! This is a short story of Alexis,all grown up and heading to college! It's more than just a run down of her life! It's a story of love, bullying, mental illness, determination, heartache, friendship and loyalty!
Greer started off as a weak, shy and broken shell of a young man! Through the love and sheer determination of Alexis, we watched him become a strong loving, confident man!
 I was in tears several times with the amazing amount of compassion and love the characters shown! This was the perfect end to their story! I am in awe of 'LL's writing & can't wait to read more of her work!  

LL Collins is a teacher who loves spending her days in the Florida sun with her husband and boys, reading, and writing. Her love of writing has found a home in the self-publishing world. Living Again, Reaching Rachel, Guarding Hearts, Finding Forever and Breaking Free: A Living Again Novella are available now in both eBook and paperback exclusively through Amazon. LL has been writing since she was old enough to write. Always a story in her head, she finally decided to let the characters out and start writing and try to make her lifelong dreams of becoming an author come true. She has been a teacher for over ten years, a wife for 15, and a mom to two boys, 12 and 10. Look for a new emotionally-charged series from LL coming soon. 

Facebook: www.facebook.com/llcollinsauthor

Twitter: @authorllcollins


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