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The Waiting by Elizabeth Burgess & Maire Hewes-Spotlight, Giveaway & Review!

On the banks of the Pontchartrain…

Ambitious Dr. Andrew Douglas is always looking for ways to have more. More power. More money. More women. But when Slidell businessman, Dr. Bob O’Malley propositions him to bring River City Medical Center in New Orleans, Louisiana, into a black market organ trade, he’s hesitant. How would they get away with it? What happens if they get caught? What happens if he says no?

Conservative and proper Arianne Douglas seems to have it all. A happy marriage, three handsome sons, a loving stepdaughter, and fulfilling career that gives back to others. But when her husband’s ex-wife discovers her deepest secret, how will Arianne prevent her two worlds from colliding—especially since her secret involves her husband’s best friend and her thirteen-year-old son?

Stoic and solemn Dr. Gregory Adams is an honorable man with a heart of gold. Proud of the legacy passed down through his father and grandfathers, he takes his job as Chief Medical Officer of River City Medical Center seriously. But after discovering that his best friend, Andrew is involved with something that is legally and ethically wrong, Gregory doesn’t know what to do. Further complicating his decision, are his long-standing feelings for Andrew’s wife—his one true love.

Brazen Dr. Millicent Douglas has been on a twenty-seven year mission: destroy Arianne Douglas. And thirteen years ago, she was joined by the most unlikely of allies—Arianne’s oldest son Nash. Effortlessly, she persuades her ex-husband to convince his best friend to rehire her at Rivers, allowing her closer to the black market organ trade known as the “Operation.” With Nash’s help, she infiltrates the accounts of Arianne’s charitable organization and manages to discover her nemesis’ long-hidden secret. But the stakes are raised when Millie realizes that the relationship between her and Nash is changing, and she’s powerless to stop it. Is she strong enough to say no? Or will his love break down her walls?

Ruthless Dr. Bob O’Malley has a score to settle with Andrew Douglas—for more reasons than one. The most recent offense—fifteen years ago when Andrew’s gross negligence left Bob’s youngest son in a vegetative state. Together with his eldest son, Sol, and a mysterious accomplice called the Congressman, Bob vows to exact his revenge any way possible. If that takes them down the road to death, then so be it.
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Review by Jenny:
5 Amazing Stars
This is Elizabeth & Marie's debut novel but you can never tell! It was awesome!
OOMMMGG!! Talk about a twisted web they weave! If you want twists, passion, suspense, drama, love, hate, angst, soap operas, then you HAVE to read it!!
It was like a real life soap opera! This one married to this one but sleeping with that one but in love with another one!! Twists & turns at every page! I was expecting more from the "Operation" but I think more of that will come later! This book was more about the twisted web of relationships! The characters were really strong which I like!
You WONT be disappointed! If you get confused with all the stories & characters, there's a guide at the end you can flip to to keep the characters straight! That's my only complaint is there are so many stories & characters that it's a bit confusing at times!! Amazing job! I can't wait for the next one!

About the authors:
For Elizabeth Burgess, writing is not only what she loves to do, it is freedom, salvation, and escape. It is life. Introduced to the art of words at a young age by an English teacher, she poured herself into a self-study of all things poetry and prose throughout the entirety of her high school and college career—hoping to one day become a lyricist in Nashville. As the years went on, her dreams changed and morphed, but her love for words did not. When Elizabeth and her best friend, Marie, began trying to conceive in February 2013, they needed an easy way to pass the “two week wait.” Remembering a dream that she'd had in August 2012, Elizabeth suggested that they start writing a book and "The Waiting" was born.

Elizabeth lives in Northeast Louisiana with her partner Terri, two Catahoula Curs, Bowie and Pike, and cat, Cypress. She enjoys Saturday nights in Death Valley, rainy days, and taking pictures of her beloved Louisiana.

Learn more about Elizabeth and "The Waiting Series" at our website: elizabethburgessandmariehewes.wordpress.com
Fun Facts about the authors: 
Elizabeth - Random Facts
1. I am dyslexic
2. I hate surprises
3. I read the ends of books first 
4. I am an introvert 
5. I love storms
Marie - Random Facts
1. I like to sleep
2. I like fast cars
3. I hate politics
4. I don't like hot coffee
5. I love when it snows

Twitter: @liddyburgess

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