Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Needing It by Renee Luke

Title: Needing It
Author: Renee Luke

Genre: Erotica
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About The Book

Mya Ball has put all her eggs in one basket. Betting her entire future on a promise she’s made her grandmama, she knows she’s got to be rested and sharp in the morning when giving the presentation of a lifetime. But anxiety and nerves have her restless and unable to sleep. When nothing else works, she resorts to sex. Needing it, she calls her standby booty-call, but a different man answers the phone. Vaughn Paul had just relocated, getting a new number to match his new business and new life. He’s awoken in the middle of the night by a woman begging for him to sex her down. He knows he’s not the man Mya wanted, but something in her voice keeps him on the line. How far will he let things go with the sexy sounding stranger on the phone? Can calling the wrong number lead Mya to the right man? 
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About The Author
Renee write keeping-it-real erotic romances feature funky urban characters that get-their-groove-on and give up their hearts. She strives to write stories that both stimulate physically and satisfy emotionally. She believes in happily-ever-afters and has found her own in Northern California with her five children and her New Orleans swaggalicious hunk of a husband.

12:43 AM
Mya groaned and dropped her phone on the smooth cotton sheets beside her. She’d checked the time, and confirmed her alarm was set, every fifteen minutes for the last couple of hours, but being assured she’d wake up on time wasn’t doing a damn thing to ease her into sleep. Closing her eyes, she took a few deep, measured breaths and tried to slow her heart rate, to create some sense of calm, to relax against the building anxiety of what loomed early in the morning.
She’d made a promise.
Swallowing past the lump in her throat, Mya ignored the pang in her heart, her entire future resting on her ability to be sharp and on top of her game. If she didn’t fall asleep soon, the only thing she could look forward to was puffy eyes and an Ambien hang-over.
Nothing was working. Not the ceiling fan on full blast, not stripping off her t-shirt to lay naked beneath the swirl of wind, not the old swamp-cooler that created more humidity than heat relief. No, not even the shot of Hennessy or the second shot she’d used to wash down an Ambien sleeping pill.
Mya stared at the fan spinning above her, the room awash with milky moonlight despite the flimsy lace curtains being pulled closed. Grabbing her cell, she glanced at the time. Again. Nothing had changed except a single minute had ticked off.
“Shit,” she whispered, smoothing the hair back from her face, her curls clinging desperately to the beads of sweat on her brow. Her body ached like the onset of the flu, but what she ached for had nothing to do with a virus and everything to do with sexual tension and need. It kept her tossing and turning rather than peacefully in dreamland.
A good dick-down did the trick better than booze and pills, she reasoned. Tucking her bottom lip between her teeth, she picked up her phone and started scrolling through her contacts.
Kenneth… he’d always been the perfect booty-call; single, sexy, nice package equipped, ability adept. And best yet, he’d always been available, just a phone call away. Not that he’d been a call she’d made in a while. Hell, these project proposals had kept her so busy the last few months sex had been put on a back burner. Until tonight. Sex would work when ceiling fans, booze, and Ambien couldn’t.
Finding his name, she touched the call button and smiled when she heard the phone begin to ring.
“Yeah?” The voice was rich, deep, and husky from sleep.
She whispered through her smile. “Come over, baby. I need you tonight.”
There was a pause, silence drumming in her ears.
“Yeah?” He cleared his throat. “Yeah, who is this?”
Mya smiled, wondering how many different booty-callers hit him up on the regular, not that his love life affected her at all, as long as he was available to put her to sleep when she needed him. Kenneth was sex, not relationship material, and although she wanted a relationship at some point, he wasn’t the man for her forever.
“It’s Mya.”
He cleared his throat again, the sleep in his voice beginning to fade. “Mya? Okay, baby, who you calling for?”

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