Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Entrusted (Coal Creek Shifters, Book One) by Aria Peyton-New Release Blitz & Giveaway


Title: Entrusted

Series: Coal Creek Shifters, Book One

Author: Aria Peyton

Cover Design: Midnight Rainbow Designs

Release Date: Sept 29th, 2015

One day of perfection.
Five minutes to change it all.
All it took was the cruelty of one man, and the actions of their clan, to tear them apart. Fated Mates; destined for each other. Forced into a solitary existence until another enters their lives.
Will his presence reunite them? Or will the past destroy their future?

Review by Jenny
4 Hot Sexy Stars
When I was given this book to review, I was very leery because it's now a genre I normally read being that it's shifters/paranormal romance. However, I was pleasantly surprised how engulfed I got into the book very early on! 

This book as a little of everything! It's about shifters but it's more of an erotic romance! This book is HOTTTTTT!! Like fire hot!! OMG!! It's not short of twist, either! Just when you think it's going a certain way, it turns another corner! I love the suspense, angsty feel throughout! 

The characters are well developed & the story is well written! I'm from the US & loved reading a book written with British terminology! I would have liked to see more of a struggle with the three mates as far as them hooking up but I'm not going to lie & say I didn't enjoy it! 

Very good read & I can't wait to continue the story of Vanessa, Rebel & Mik!

© Aria Peyton 2015.

His spine tingled and his cat roared. Mikhail spun around, looking for what had it on alert.

Standing in the doorway to Davey’s looking lost and all alone. He jumped the bar, using his shifter strength to clear it, and raced to her, skidding to a halt when he was within three feet. He reached out then stuck both hands in his pockets, not sure what he should be doing. His instincts told him to embrace her, to hold her, but his brain argued that she wasn’t there for that. Instincts won over and he closed the distance between them, wrapping her in his arms. She nestled in, burying her head in his chest, her sobs barely audible.
“Shhh, sweetheart, shhh.” He guided her through the room and into his office out the back, gesturing to the wolf on security to take over bar duties. He sat down in the large, overstuffed armchair—his favourite—and arranged her on his lap. He stroked her hair in silence until she chose to speak to him.
“He made an appointment for a shrink.”
Mikhail stiffened, and not in the way he preferred.
“He did what now?” Disbelief coloured his voice. Why the hell would Rebel do something like that? “He asked you first, though, didn’t he?”
She shook her head and whispered, “No.”
Fury swept through his veins as he fished in his pocket, trying not to jostle Vee around too much in the process. He scrolled through his contacts list and pulled up Rebel’s phone number. He hit dial.
“What the hell were you thinking?!” he roared into the receiver.



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