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Vanquish by S.J. McGran-Blog Tour, Review & Giveaway

Title: Vanquish (Triumph #1)
Author: S.J. McGran
Release Date: July 8, 2014
Genre: Contemporary/New Adult Romance

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Jared Roman has lived his entire life feeling unworthy, unwanted and unloved. He’s lived a life of abuse, addiction and abandonment. 

Zhoe Dawson comes from a different world than him. She comes from money and social status. But with that comes the dictatorship her father runs. All Zhoe’s ever wanted is to break free of his rules, and to feel loved.

When they learn Jared is the reason for Zhoe’s pain, her loss, and heartbreak he tries to walk away. 

But, Zhoe offers him the one thing he’ll never be able to leave behind – her heart. 

Can Zhoe’s love save him from his past? 
Can she help him conquer his fears and doubts?


I received an arc for an honest review. This was a good book! It's up & down with your emotions, toying with your heart & mind!
It starts out pretty emotional! Cole, Zhoe's brother died 5 years prior! It's affected her & her family! She came from a rich family who now just tries to control her! Zhoe's goals, however, are nothing like her dads!
Jared has a connection to Zhoe through Cole but only him & his friend, Rico know about it! He blames himself! He had a horrible childhood also! Total opposite of Zhoe! When Zhoe & Jared 1st see each other, it's instant connection!
They really compliment each other! Things are going good until Zhoe takes Jared to meet her parents! Her dad makes the connection & all hell breaks loose! It's horrible & devastating! My heart hurt for them 2! Jared runs! Tragedy brings them back together but can it last? Will they be able to vanquish the past & live for the future?
I found it kind of slow in some parts. A lot of the sex scenes seemed to drag on. Maybe because there was A LOT of sex! All in all a good read! I can't wait to read Ang's story! I need to know her secret!

“In the kitchen,” I yell back. I start to tell him I picked up dinner but when he walks around the corner all thoughts leave my brain, except one – I want him. Now.

Jared looks so fucking hot right now. All I want to do is jump his bones right there in the middle of his kitchen. I’ve never seen him dirty and tired from work, he always insisted on picking me up after he showered.

But, holy shit have I been missing out. I lick my lips like a starved woman as I take him in. He’s wearing tight jeans that cling to his impressive body perfectly, especially where they are torn giving a slight glimpse at his muscular thigh. His bright green T-shirt is covered in dirt but accentuates his tan; even the dirt smeared on his forehead and cheeks is sexy.

He looks like a man, I think to myself. This is what a man should look like when he comes home from work. Fuck a shirt and tie; he should come home dirty and exhausted – needing a woman to take care of him. And lucky me, I get to be that woman.

I have no idea how much time has passed but Jared quickly picks up on my mood as he leans back against the counter, crossing his legs and arms and quirking one eyebrow up at me. “Like what you see, beautiful?”

Born November 22, 1987, S.J. McGran is a new author with a penchant for writing, reading and reviewing romance novels.  She lives in Toledo, Ohio with her husband, cat and lots of siblings. 
She is a die-hard Detroit Tigers fan, and has a love for ice cream and pizza. 
Vanquish is the debut novel by S.J. McGran.

Connect with the Author:


Twitter: @SJMcGran

Email: sjmcgran@gmail.com

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